We Are Moving Where?


Okinawa Japan

This post was originally written back in 2015......

This news came out of the left field. Moving to Japan was not on my radar AT ALL.  We had recently received orders to San Antonio, TX, not Japan. Moving to San Antonio was an exciting idea. For the first time, I thought this could work, a PSC ( to TX) that I could actually take my job with me, still be close to family; yes, this could work! ..... YAY .... OH NO .... but wait... 1 week later, my husband informs me the orders have been changed to Okinawa, Japan. Don't ask me how this happens, but it does, and  I was speechless.  I had a successful career in Real Estate, a beautiful home, friends, and family nearby.. a move clear across the world was not what I wanted to hear. It would be our first overseas move, and I had no clue where to start.

Things fell into place so fast.  We sold our house in a week (I knew an excellent Realtor ...me) closed 30 days later, cars sold, movers scheduled, passports in order, and then the good by's .... We were packed, on a plane, and moved within a couple months.

A long 19-hour plane ride later, we landed in Okinawa, Japan, and life started.  SO many things to get in order.  Getting life back to normal became a priority, the basics of sustaining life needed to be lined up! Things like a phone, internet connection, a car, a place to live, food /hamburger ( just kidding) we were so hungry when we landed. Hamburgers are 1 of the things we miss the most and, of course, getting our son started in school.  Normal everyday things that we take for granted and don't realize are part of what makes life "normal."

Landed Welcome to Japan

I think the hardest part was everyone we told said, "Oh, what an adventure" unfortunately, at that moment, I couldn't see that adventure.  I could only see all that I was giving up...again. I know it may seem that I sound selfish or that I don't support my husband. Not true!  See, I am a nostalgic person.  A house is more than brick and mortar. It's home, a place where memories have been made.  There is a strong sentimental connection for me to my home, my town, my friends.  My girlfriends and I had many discussions about this, and some of them felt as I do, and the others saw a great adventure ahead. For me, every move, every time I give up a career, friends, homes, I go through a grieving process. This will undoubtedly happen when we move from Japan; it is the essence of who I am.

So 4 months later, as of today, we have started our adventure and have been exploring, trying new foods, going to festivals, and traveling to other areas.  The "Sting" of the move, the culture shock, the new way of life is settling in and starting to feel as normal as it can.  I can't possibly put 4 months into 1 post, but over time, I hope to share the good parts of Japan and not rant about those things that drive me crazy.

If you have any questions about Japan, moving, real estate, the military lifestyle,  anything, please feel free to comment, reach out in any way.  I would love to help.


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