How did this blog start?  Well, I  started this blogging in 2013 when I first became a Realtor®. I wanted to share my experience as I started a new career as a busy mom and military spouse. 

THEN my family moved to Japan.  I loved capturing and documenting all our travel adventures, real estate life in Japan, and keeping family up to date with our adventures. As you read the blog, you will be able to connect with my journey as a mom, military spouse, and my love for "all" my jobs and passions. 

My goal in this blog is to share my "expertise" in careers and my personal experiences as a mom and military spouse! 

In businessI hope to earn the respect of my friends, family, clients, and the local community by providing professional and personal advice in order to earn your trust and respect.  As a military spouse, I know all about moving and understand the stresses. As a working mom, I understand what it means to juggle all that life throws at you.  

Not all my blog posts will be about real estate...photography or any career.... 

I enjoy sharing my personal experiences I hope by sharing my own personal experiences from moving from state to state and country to country, being a working mom and military wife, I can help someone in some small way, whether that's with growing an online business, real estate, supporting another small business, or just being able to be a community resource.

Thanks for stopping by! and I look forward to getting to know you.


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