Deep In Thought

This picture may look posed, but it is not. I was tweaking my camera settings, and he was just waiting, kicking the dirt, and I looked up, and there he was at this moment. What is he thinking about? Is he reflecting on the day, life, or maybe just bored waiting on me. These are the moments I love to capture real and unposed.

This year has been the most challenging for me as a mom. He is growing up so fast; he doesn’t need me like he uses to. The nest is beginning to feel empty. Taking my teenager on a photoshoot is my way of reconnecting with him. He n I walk and look for a spontaneous spot to snap a few photos. Eventually, he begins to have fun, gets involved, and before you know it, my love for photography creates a special mom n son day.

All stages of a child’s life are unique and different, but these teenage years now from behind the camera are my favorite!

There’s no better feeling than getting that 1 magical photo.



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